5 Factors Affecting the Costs of Residential Window Cleaning Services

The costs involved in residential window cleaning vary between companies and locations. Depending on your budget, you can find a residential window cleaning service to perform the task timely and more efficiently. The average cost of residential window cleaning lies between $150-$450. There are various factors that will determine how much you’ll pay for residential window cleaning services as follows:

Size of home or business

This is probably the first thing that’ll determine the cost you’ll incur to clean your windows. If you’ve got a huge home, the chances are that you’ll also have many windows that supply air inside. In this case, you’ll have to spend more money than someone with a small house. Depending on the company, they might charge you on hourly rates or per square foot.

The more windows you have in your residential premises, the more you’ll have to pay. Having many windows doesn’t necessarily translate to having a huge property. Some homeowners have pretty tiny houses that have many windows to ensure free air circulation. Additionally, if your home has other extensions, such as a garage, you’ll even pay more. To improve curb appeal in your home, you must ensure all windows are thoroughly cleaned.

Intensity of dirt and dust

If your property windows have a lot of dirt, dust, mineral deposit, and debris, the residential window cleaning service might ask for a relatively higher price. This is because of the complexity of cleaning. A lot of effort and energy is required to eliminate these things and leave your windows sparkling clean appropriately. On the other hand, if the windows have less dust and dirt, the window cleaner might not quote a higher price because the work or effort required isn’t too much.

Your location

The location of your residence will determine what you’ll pay for window cleaning. If you live in high-end estates or near huge towns, residential window cleaning services have relatively high prices. Basically, in terms of location, the rates for window cleaning are directly related to the cost of living in an area. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to low costs simply because you live in places far from towns or cities. If you hire a residential window cleaning company from a distance location, be sure to pay a higher rate to cover their fuel expenses.

Company culture

Different residential window cleaning companies charge different rates depending on how long they’ve been in business, the competition in the market, quality of service among others. Companies that have been in operation for quite a while and providing good window cleaning services have a high reputation and client base. Such companies will always offer their services at very affordable prices compared to new players who charge higher prices since they’re still struggling to cover their expenses.

In conclusion, these are some top factors that will affect the costs of residential window cleaning services. If you choose the best residential window cleaning service, be sure that their price and general services will match and therefore you won’t complain.