Sedona Window Cleaning

Sedona Window Cleaning

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One of the most telling signs of a business or home which has been professionally and expertly cleaned are spot free, sparkling, and streak free windows. Having your windows cleaned makes your business or home much cleaner and more inviting in an instant. Clean windows will also enhance the views out over the balcony, garden, or courtyard. Whether you are preparing for an event, a party, in the midst of a spring cleaning, or you want to enhance the look of your home or business premises, let us take the tedious task of window cleaning and make it stress-free. Window cleaning is our specialty, and we are fully committed to providing cost-effective, reliable, and quality services.

Sedona Window Cleaning

Sedona Window Cleaning

We know that clean windows can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your property, and can be an essential element in the overall appearance of your business. Whether at home or at work, you can rest assured that all of your windows will be expertly cleaned by fully bonded, and insured professional window cleaners. Our professional window cleaners provide our residential and commercial customers with unparalleled interior and exterior window cleaning services. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship, and we highly pride ourselves on our unmatched professionalism and dedication to quality.

Customer service is our number one priority, and we always strive to make our customer’s experience a memorable one. Right from the instant we pick up your call, to the completion of the task at hand, you’ll feel the commitment and dedication we have for you. Whether you are looking for a one-time construction window clean up, your business premises demands weekly window cleanings, or you want window cleaning for your home you can rely on us. So, if you are looking for the best window cleaners in the industry, you simply need to call us today, and we will gladly be at your service.

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Residential window cleaning is a practical service for homeowners. With time, a great deal of dust and debris accumulate on the home windows of your residence. Unless you have a ton of downtime as well as your own personal equipment, you probably do not have strategies to undertake a residential window cleaning task on your own. There are not too many individuals around who wish to spend their leisure time on the weekend washing their windows. That is why you ought to call a cleaning company carrier that can care for this tedious and difficult task for you.

Sedona Residential Window Cleaning

Sedona Residential Window Cleaning

Do not go with just any window cleaning company. As a homeowner, you are entitled to a firm that will give you high-quality residential window cleaning services. Seek a residential window cleaning firm that provides you a problem-free written estimate at your own convenience.

Obtaining regular residential window cleaning services is a great idea for several reasons. While you could tidy your own windows this can be very difficult and also extremely time-consuming if you are not properly trained. Windows obtain dirt gradually on the outside for great deals of factors. They carry a plethora of insects flying into them, dust being blown into them, sap dripping from trees, bird droppings and more all making them look grubby and sticky. Nevertheless, using our professional residential window cleaning all this can be gotten rid of. If you tried it yourself it should take significant effort and hours without the experience or the equipment of an expert window cleaner. Nowhere is this more apparent than on your hard to reach windows which you may not be able to get to without a lengthy pole. Our window cleaners are trained to reach these windows carefully and safely taking you out of harms way!
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Commercial Window Cleaning Sedona

Windows are a part of the first things your visitors see when they approach your property. Pristine commercial windows raise the visual value of a building. We guarantee to deliver you spotless windows. Signs and logos designs are one of the leading factors of a business’ credibility and we promise to keep the outside of your business looking great.

Sedona Commercial Window Cleaning

Sedona Commercial Window Cleaning

Do you have windows in your business that are in an area that is difficult to get to or in an uncomfortable place? If so, you’ll discover that having a window cleaning company that will make your windows shine is extremely valuable. Our window cleaning staff is expertly trained and will help get the attention off of your dirty windows and onto the great work that you do.

If your business has a ton of high or hard to reach windows make sure that you think about getting a commercial window cleaning company that can manage your demands. Sedona Window Cleaning can manage your high-level commercial windows promptly and also properly. Whether you are searching for individuals that can handle your windows with a ladder, a cherry picker, a tower, a cradle or even a high ladder, take some time to talk to us and learn more about the importance of a clean appearance. Call today to speak to one of our representatives about a free estimate or to schedule a service!
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Window Washing Services

Do you know what outsiders notice first about your home or business place? The answer is definitely windows! Watching the world through dirty windows is really irritating. Keeping your windows clean allows good sunshine into your home and also provides good ventilation. If you are in search of a solution to make your windows shine again, we are here for you.

Our professional window washing services have trained experts dedicated to removing all types of stubborn mess out of the windows. We work on every inch of the window to clean fingerprints, sticky marks and almost everything.

Our Window Cleaners use three professional cleaning steps. First, we scrub windows to loosen the buildup dust, grease, and grime from interior and exterior parts of windows. Next, we use Squeegees, pure water, and brushes to deeply clean the windows. The squeegeed removes 99.9% of dirt and pure water washes off all the pores of the glass leaving a sparkling glass behind. As a final step, we wipe and dry all the edges of windows making it shine like a new one.

Your world looks more amazing when you look it through a clean window. Also, it makes the best impression from your guests and you can receive a lot of appreciations for your hygienic maintenance. Do not worry about dirty windows and just contact our window washing services for well-cleaned windows.

Sedona Window Cleaners FAQs

How much does it cost to get outside windows cleaned?

Clean windows makes an amazing difference in your home or business! Some people thing they only need the outsides cleaned when in fact, sometimes the insides have more of a cloudy haze or finger prints on them. Getting only the outsides cleaned is really only doing half the job. None the less, the cost to clean just the outside windows typically ranges from $4 per pane up to $6 per pane. This depends on reach-ability of the window, and how many windows you have. Cleaning the bug screens are included, but sunscreens are will be a higher charge.

This great answer was provided by TLC Window Cleaning Service in Raleigh, North Carolina.

How do I prepare for window cleaning?

Do I need to move things before the window cleaners come clean my windows?

Do I need to move things before the window cleaners come clean my windows?

Do I need to prepare anything before my window cleaner comes? This is a pretty common question. If you have valuables sitting in window sills, or on top of furniture near windows, you should probably remove them temporarily for safe keeping. Window cleaners typically go into a home or business with tools on their belts, and they occasionally will bump into something. Moving your valuables will help prevent any accidental knocking of something over.

Big thank you to Dan at Blue Skies Window Cleaning Services in Minneapolis for providing this great info!

How many window cleaners die a year?

Cleaning windows can be a vary dangerous job that falling can be deadly. Most people do not realize that there are more deaths each year from people falling off of a 6ft ladder than any other type of ladder. Window cleaners are supposed to take ladder safety training, and obey all OSHA standards, but some cut corners, and think they are just fine to do it on their own. According to Wikipedia, only a few window cleaners die each year.

How do you clean gutters without a ladder?

If you are looking to get your gutters cleaned out and free of debris, then you may be looking for a way to clean them without using a ladder.

This is a difficult task for sure, but is there such a tool that will do this? Yes, there is a vacuum you can purchase that has a long hose to suck out the leaves from your gutter.

The disadvantages here are the following:

  • You need to purchase the equipment
  • You will need space to store the equipment when not using it
  • You cannot use it if the gutters have any water or moisture in them
  • This will not clear out your downspouts

Hiring a company to clean your gutters have these advantages:

  • You do not need to climb ladders
  • You do not need to purchase or store any equipment
  • You do not need to clean out the downspouts
  • You do not need to haul away the debris

This information was provided by our friend, Tom, at First Class Pressure Washing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How long does it take to clean windows?

If you are a homeowner without any window washing experience, then cleaning your windows is a time-consuming task that is not enjoyable.

If you hire a professional to come clean your windows, then this process is pretty fast.  They have the right tools, ladders, poles, and squeegees needed to get in and out of you house quickly while doing a wonderful job.

A professional will get in and out of a 2,000sf house in about 1 to 1.5 hours time.  This is a much better proposition than you spending your entire day trying to figure it out!

What is the best outside window cleaner?

There are so many products on the market that claim to be the best window washing solution, gadget, or process.  What exactly is the best outside window cleaner?

Let's talk to a business owner.  Peter from Lottery Window Cleaning in La Jolla, CA gave us the following valuable information.

Ryan said the only methods he uses to wash outside windows are using a water brush or using a squeegee.  Either works just fine, and either will be the best option for amazing looking windows for your home or business he said.

If you don't know how to use a squeegee, then simply watch a couple of YouTube videos to figure out how to go about it.  There is great information and how-to videos that will show exactly how the professionals do it!

This great snippet was given to us from our great friends at Poorman Window Cleaning.

What is the best way to clean windows without streaks?

Cleaning your home windows can be the most challenging task around the home if you want them to be streak-free.

Getting your windows streak free will leave you felling like a champ, and will leave your home looking amazing as well.

The most common way to get streak free windows is a professional squeegee or window wiper.  Wet the window with soap and water, then use a squeegee to remove all the water.  Use a dry towel or rag to wipe the edges free of streaks or smudges.

How do you wash windows?

The best way to wash windows is to clean it inside and out. Before you begin, make sure that the weather is cool and cloudy so that the cleaning solution and soapy water you will use later won't dry on the windows.

Start by clearing the dust and dirt on the window frame using a vacuum or brush. If your outside window has thick dirt, you can rinse it using a water hose.

After that, prepare a mixture of clean water and dish soap in a bucket. For windows with small panes, use a sponge or a microfiber cloth, but for picture windows, a squeegee is recommended. To avoid spills, place a towel underneath the window.

Dip your cleaning material into the bucket, squeeze out excess water, and wipe the entire window from top to bottom. In the same manner, dry the window using a clean towel. For those using a squeegee, wipe with its rubber blade.

*This information was kindly provided to us from Purity Cleaning Systems from Payson, Utah.  Thanks!

What do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Wash Windows?

A few window washing supplies and equipment

A few window washing supplies and equipment

Professional window cleaners have a variety of tools and solutions that they use to get windows super clean.

First, all window cleaners have a window cleaning bucket that they can squeeze and drain the excess water into. One of the most important tools that a window cleaner uses in the squeegee. This is the tool that window cleaners use to clean the windows and leave them streak-free.

Window cleaners also use mops and scrappers in order to fine detail clean the windows. The scrapers are used to get off tough debris like bugs or paint. Most window cleaners have multiple sizes of all of their tools so they can clean any size window.

Window cleaners use detergents that get bubbly and mix it with soft purified water. The soft water prevents spots from being left on the windows and the bubbly cleaning detergent allows the squeegee to smoothly glide across the window without leaving streaks.

If you want more information on residential or commercial window cleaning companies, use this link:

How Much to Charge for Window Cleaning?

Dirty windows will cost more to clean...

Window cleaners usually set rates according to how many windows they are calculating - for a two-story home, an average charge is $30 per window. Similar pricing goes for three and four-story homes. The reason the price per window might not be higher or lower is because it takes about the same amount of time to clean 17 windows as it does 3. It's hard to measure how long it took them overall since environmental factors come into play, but the general rule says that cleaning efficiency should be proportional with droplet size (larger drops).

Most companies will provide you a per-window-pane price structure.  Call around and ask, then give them the number of windows panes you have at your home, and you will get your answer.  Pricing for window panes range typically from $7 to $12 per pane.

This great information was given to us from Jim at Squeegee Pros Window Cleaning.  Contact them by visiting their site here:

How to clean mirrors without leaving streaks?

Windows are installed with squeegees for a reason--a squeegee is the best tool for removing water from glass without leaving streaks.

There are also various ways to remove water from bathroom mirrors without leaving any visible residue. For example, pour hot or cold pure water over the mirror until all the surfaces of the glass are perfectly dry. Or use household vinegar to clean bathroom mirrors - be sure to wipe down after rinsing! Just remember this little trick next time you need some help getting your home in order.

This answer was given to us by the pros at Glass Act Pro Wash in Palm Beach FL.

How much does commercial window washing cost?

Commercial window washing typically runs between $2-$5/ per window pane for outside services.  Insides also vary with access variations.  If the glass is easy to reach, it will be on the lower end of $2 to $5 per pane of glass.

When you add ladders, poles, boom lifts, waterfed poles, or rope access to get to you commercial windows, then the costs jump drastically.

We greatly appreciate Chuck from HMS Window Cleaning in Buffalo, NY for for providing this information!